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'A textural, smooth and thoughtful offering' - Julian Joseph, BBC Radio 3 Jazz Line-up

The Silent Sky is the first album created, performed and composed by Scottish musicians and composers Neil Warden (Guitar) and Stuart Mitchell (Piano/Sound Design). The music covers a wide genre from Ambient and Ethnic influences to Raga rhythms and deep Classical moods. Each piece takes the listener on a journey into rich melodic territory, weaving together a huge variety of harmonic colours and symphonic textures. Combined with the virtuoso talents of some of the best performers in the UK such as Dave Heath (Flute), The Silent Sky is a ‘tour de force’ of powerful rhythmic expression, creative performance and a touchingly subtle fragile beauty.

'Those seeking a tranquil escape from the everyday pressures of life this is an album that should provide just that'
Neil Warden - Adventures In Weissenbornland
From roots blues to harmonica-infused Paris Texas soundscapes and Eastern improvisations, Neil Warden takes you on a journey on the Weissenborn lap steel guitar. YouTube Trailer

NEIL WARDEN Weissenborn lap steel, guitars (electric, baritone, classical, bass) & percussion
GARY MARTIN Vocals on Bad Dog, Harmonica on Bad Dog/Mojave
DAVE HEATH Bass flute on The Alchemist
STUART MITCHELL Sound Design and Production
Stuart Mitchell - Seven Wonders
Suite for Orchestra Stuart Mitchell (b.20th Century : Scotland)
Conductor: Mario Klemens - Ensemble: Prague Symphony Orchestra; Kuhn Mixed Choir
Soloists: Pavla Zejbalova; Ildiko Szabo

Combining rich melodies, expressive vocal parts, and a few great tunes thrown in for good measure, it's hard to believe this atmospheric suite wasn't written for a film; as it happens, Mitchell was inspired by his background in keyboard and synthesiser music before branching out into more orchestral pieces. The Seven Wonders Suite has placed Mitchell in the Classic FM Hall of Fame Top 300 every year since 2005, with the exception of 2013.